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let's light

let’s light

Inspired by Origami, I designed a shade constructed by bending, inserting, folding a piece of development diagram. “The joy of being able to make a rather complicated figure following a simple procedure” and “The new DIY that incorporated digital fabrication” were my ideas that led me to use it as part of a workshop program rather than commercializing it. In addition to felt, there is also a workshop program that allows participants to cut out vulcanized fiber. With both materials, we have had over 200 participants.

It is a shade that can express light with the shade from the double-layered part, with the structurally created holes, and also light that comes directly through the opening cut out by laser.

Participants select their own seasonally appropriate and detailed motif, can begin the cutting process right there and then. Customizing their own product by using messages created on an iPad. Such speedy and creative activities with modern technologies look very inviting to those who are interested.

An IKEA ready-made product is the power source, and it is easy even for a child to construct. Use of ready-made products can reduce the participation fees for the workshop. In Japan, it is not customary for people to buy a shade by itself, so this workshop where the participants can bring home a completed product with the power source and light bulbs included is very well received.

In the future, it is a possibility that I will design an original power source cord compatible with the shade.IMG_9194

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